If you travel for business or tourist, the best solution is to appeal to a passenger company.

Trans 28 Unit can ensure the best conditions of safety and comfort to any destination transport, with all the advantages of this system, with stops scheduled or unscheduled route.

We provide occasional transportation of persons for special events, special races, business and leisure travels, protocol services, transport for delegates, transport people to a fixed point, transportation to and from business meetings, city tours, country tours, conferences, chool camps, balls, various ceremonies, tours, etc.

Our company has modern means of transportation - minibuses, cars, coaches - adaptable to the various requirements and transportation logistics and a team of professional drivers with experience in transportation, both internally and externally.

Transport are equipped to European standars, with air-conditioning, heating and sound.

Also, all transport services charged are accompanied by insurance, for both oassengers and their luggage.